Anil Chawla Law Associates LLP is a law firm based in Bhopal, India serving clients across the globe. Primary area of expertise is corporate relationships including collaborations, partnerships, technology transfers, marketing assistance etc. We believe in adding value to your business by helping you in the process of building, formalizing and navigating through the complex maze of relationships. Also assist with insolvency, liquidation and bankruptcy matters.

Anil Chawla Law Associates LLP, Business Lawyers & Strategic Advisors

Anil Chawla Law Associates LLP, Business Lawyers, Strategic Advisors and Insolvency Experts, Bhopal, India

Strength Areas

  • Led by an entrepreneur-advocate-engineer (B. Tech., Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay) who is also a qualified Insolvency Professional.

  • Problem solving analytical innovative business-friendly approach with quick response.

  • Integrated view based on technology, finance, markets, personnel, management and of course, law.

  • Expertise in the field of international private and public law including treaties.

  • Sensitive to cultural differences across countries.

  • High ethical standards.

  • Focus on avoiding litigation.

  • Experience of serving clients across the globe.

Our Areas of Work are:

  • Agreements and Negotiations - Collaboration, Merger, Acquisition, Joint Venture, Technology Transfer, Licensing, Shareholders Agreement.

  • International Business - Assistance to international companies coming to India or to Indian companies doing business outside India.

  • Insolvency Resolution - Helping enterprises emerge healthy out of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process.

  • Research And Opinions - Legal research to help businesses take strategic decisions.

  • Strategic Advice, Initiatives and Interventions - We take entrepreneur's perspective to create a strategy that is cost-effective and helps business grow.

  • Dispute Resolution - Resolving disputes either amicably or through arbitration or through litigation (if it becomes unavoidable).

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