Anil Chawla Law Associates LLP is a law firm based in Bhopal, India serving clients across the globe. The firm has served clients in different fields including telecommunication, hospital, public interest, electronic voting, publication, international treaties.

Anil Chawla Law Associates LLP, Business Lawyers & Strategic Advisors

Anil Chawla Law Associates LLP, Business Lawyers and Strategic Advisors, Bhopal, India

Sample Cases

  Have advised, helped with negotiations, drafted and supported the execution of Foreign Collaboration Agreements related to the following:

  • Railway locomotive manufacture in Madhya Pradesh based private sector company with technology and equity investment from USA company

  • Investment in a Hyderabad based pharmaceutical company by a Japanese company

  • Investment by an Israeli Private equity Fund in a Goa based hospitality company

  • Investment by a United Kingdom investor in a hospitality company based at Goa

  • Technical collaboration between a Bhopal based power electronics company and Russian company

  • Joint Venture between Bhopal based technocrats and a Russian company in the field of water treatment, sewage treatment and effluent treatment

  • Relationship between a Singapore based Private Equity Fund and a Mumbai based consulting company for assisting with takeover of coal mines in Indonesia

  • Purchase of assets of a closed factory in United States of America by a group of Indians acting through investment companies incorporated in the USA

  • Agreement of a meditation resort based in South India with foreign shareholders based in USA and Europe prescribing management conditions and no-dividend policy

  • Joint Venture Agreement between a UK company and Indian entrepreneur for setting up an Indian company in the field of speciality chemicals

Client - Real Estate Development Company

Subject - Deal Structure

Brief Case - A consultant (who is in the business of debt syndication) arranged for a foreign fund to invest about USD 20 million in a project of our client. The foreign fund did not want to get involved with taking mortgage of land. Our client did not want to give equity participation to the foreign fund. We designed a structure using a Limited Liability Partnership firm as an SPV with the consultant and development company (our client) as partners.

Client - A Consulting Company

Subject - Agreements related to Financial Inclusion Project

Brief Case - Our client executed Business Correspondent Agreement with the lead bank (acting on behalf of Public Sector banks and Regional Rural Banks) of two states. As part of execution of the assignment, our client had to enter into agreements with several parties including service associates, technical service providers, business correspondent agents etc. We designed the legal structure and prepared all agreements related to the project.

Client - An Engineering Company in Central India

Subject - Locating a Technology Partner in Europe

Brief Case - Our client wanted to enter into a strategic alliance with an engineering company based in Western Europe in the same field as theirs. We identified a German and a Swiss company for the purpose.

Client - A Consulting Company

Subject - Payment through Innovative Bonds

Brief Case - Our client was assisting a South East Asian company with a project in India. The fee payable to our client was Rs. 300 million. Indian arm of the South East Asian company was facing cash-flow problems and was not in a position to pay the said sum immediately to our client. We designed an Innovative Bond providing for payment after three years duly secured by charge on future cash flows.

Client - A Business Family

Subject - Wealth Distribution and Settlement of Disputes

Brief Case - This was a tricky matter involving brothers who had been fighting for many years. Business was suffering due to family disputes. Our mature intervention cooled tempers and brought the brothers to discussion table. All issues were settled amicably and family settlement agreement was signed.

Client - An Entrepreneur in Western India

Subject - Exit from a Private Equity funded company

Brief Case - Our client had set up an engineering company using his technical knowledge. A Private Equity Fund had invested in the engineering company. Relations between our client and the Private Equity Fund had soured. We helped our client negotitate with the Private Equity Fund and get a good exit deal. We also vetted the agreement sent by the Fund and helped our client turn it in his favor.

Client - A Infrastructure Construction Company

Subject - Revival after difficult times

Brief Case - Our client used to be in the business of construction of power plants. After the coalgate scam, construction of new power plants came to a standstill. Our client's business suffered and became sick. Bank classified the account as NPA and started proceedings before Debt Recovery Tribunal. We followed a two pronged approach. On one hand we supported our client through the legal processes. On the other hand, we helped negotiate with the bank for a one-time settlement. Our client is now looking forward to a bright future.

Client - A Contracting Company

Subject - Bank Guarantee by a third party

Brief Case - Our client was in a position to get a very large contract from a state public sector power distribution company. However, our client was not in a position to provide the bank guarantee required by the power company for mobilization advance and for performance guarantee. A third party was willing to provide bank guarantee support on mutually beneficial terms. We structured the arrangement between the parties taking care of safety and security of the third party while safeguarding our client's interests.

Client - An IT Services Company

Subject - Employment Agreements

Brief Case - Our client is a global staffing platform with more than 400 employees serving a global client base across five continents. We analyzed their relationships with their employees and prepared the agreements that they execute with all their new employees at the time of joining employment.

Client - A Russian Diamond Company

Subject - Customs Duty

Brief Case - The client wanted to send rough diamonds to India for polishing. We helped the client understand the customs duty that he would have to pay and the formalities involved.

Client - A British Virgin Island Jewelry Group

Subject - Report on Indian laws

Brief Case - The Group was looking at entering Indian market. They approached us for advice on Indian laws and rules related to foreign owned businesses.

Client - A professor at a premier technology institute

Subject - Agreement for publication of a book

Brief Case - Our client was writing a book on Artificial Intelligence. He was negotiating with a leading publisher terms of Agreement for publishing the book. The draft submitted by the publisher was one-sided and did not please our client. We drafted a new Agreement, which helped our client get a better deal.

Client - A leading telecom company

Subject - Entertainment Tax on Value Added Services on mobile telephones

Brief Case - Our client received a notice from Excise Commissioner of the state demanding entertainment tax on value added services provided by them on mobile telephones. We drafted a reply to the notice and also prepared the writ petition for filing before the Honourable High Court. Our argument was based on the constitutional rights of State Government to levy tax on services and also on the definition of entertainment under the relevant Act. The Honourable High Court admitted the writ petition and granted stay of all proceedings in the matter of recovery of Entertainment Tax. Draft of our Writ Petition was used by some other telecom operators also.

Client - A leading hospital chain

Subject: - Failure to file annual return and balance sheet etc. under the Companies Act

Brief Case - The hospital chain had decided to collaborate with a Bhopal-based person for setting up a hospital as a joint venture. A company was formed for the purpose. Our client's Chairman was the Chairman of the new company. No progress was made in the project. Our client's Chairman sent his resignation to the company. No information about his resignation was sent to Registrar of Companies. The company did not file annual returns, balance sheet etc. with the Registrar of Companies for about 15 years. The Registrar of Companies filed a criminal case against the company as well as all directors of the company including our client's Chairman. We handled the case successfully at the court in Bhopal as well as at the Company Law Board and the Registrar of Companies office. Neither our client's Chairman (a celebrity) nor any other officer of the client appeared before any court / authority.

Client - A fellow IIT alumnus

Subject - Violation of Intellectual Property Rights by a leading institute

Brief Case - Our client had filed a case against a leading institute and some of its faculty members for violating an agreement and also taking advantage of some innovations that he had developed. We advised him that the cost of pursuing the case far outweighed the potential advantages that he could possibly gain. He withdrew the case and is a far happier man today.

Client - A Retired Judge

Subject - Case under Prevention of Corruption Act

Brief Case - Our client was legal advisor to a cooperative bank of Madhya Pradesh. He advised in a matter involving settlement of a loan. Lokayukt of the state of Madhya Pradesh filed a criminal case under Prevention of Corruption Act against officers of the bank including our client. We prepared written arguments for our client. As a result of our arguments, our client (and one more legal professional) was acquitted while case continued to proceed against all other accused persons. Lokayukt tried to challenge the acquittal before Honourable Supreme Court but the appeal was dismissed.

Client - Municipal Council of a town in Eastern Madhya Pradesh

Subject - Assessment of tax payable by an industrial unit

Brief Case - The industrial unit is manufacturing metal concentrate used for manufacturing a metal. Conversion of the product to metal is done at the unit's smelter located in another state. The industrial unit paid terminal tax on the basis of transfer price. Municipal Council wanted us to evaluate the terminal tax payable by the company during six financial years 2006-2012. We examined the transfer pricing formula used by the company and advised the Municipal Council to demand a sum of Rs. 1.77 billion including penalty.

Client - NONE (Case filed in public interest by Mr. Anil Chawla with a co-petitioner)

Subject - Use of Electronic Voting Machines

Brief Case - Electronic Voting Machines (EVM's) are being used for all elections in India. The petition before the Honourable High Court of Madhya Pradesh raised doubts about whether the machines and related systems, procedures and personnel are fully reliable, foolproof, hacker-proof, tamperproof and yield results with zero probability of error. The petition was listed for motion hearing on 15 April 2009. A two-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh heard arguments presented by Mr. Anil Chawla. The petition was admitted for consideration and notice issued to Election Commission of India and other respondents. In 2012, Election Commission of India announced that design of EVM's is being modified and soon all EVM's will issue a slip showing the vote cast by the voter.

Client - NONE (Case filed in public interest by Mr. Anil Chawla with a co-petitioner)

Subject - Indo-USA Nuclear Agreement

Brief Case - A petition was filed before the Honourable Supreme Court in the first week of July 2007 against the deal. The petition raises fundamental questions about the deal as well as about treaty-making powers of the executive wing of the Union of India. The petition (W.C. 391 of 2007) was listed for hearing. The CJI expressed the opinion that the matter was indeed serious and hence he did not want to dismiss the petition. He advised the petitioners to withdraw the petition.

In case you would like to have the complete set of documents, you may download the zip file (3.8 MB) by clicking on the link below. The set includes all declarations made by the two countries, various answers provided by the Government in Parliament, Hyde Act, a large number of articles by experts, copy of judgement of Supreme Court in Re: The Berubari Union And Exchange Of Enclaves.

The list of cases mentioned on this page is indicative and is not exhaustive.

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