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Anil Chawla Law Associates LLP, Business Lawyers, Strategic Advisors & Insolvency Professionals

Anil Chawla Law Associates LLP, Business Lawyers, Strategic Advisors and Insolvency Professionals, India

Anil Chawla Yogita Pant Anil Chawla, Yogita Pant Attorney Legal services and support in India for companies and businesses with specialization in different types of corporate relationships including mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, joint ventures, technology transfers, franchisee, marketing arrangement.Also assist with insolvency, liquidation and bankruptcy matters. We also offer help for India entry. 6910

Anil Chawla Law Associates LLP are corporate lawyers and insolvency professionals who add value to business.

We help through every life-cycle-stage of a business including difficult times like Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process.

Every business goes through hard times some time or the other. Supporting businesses through difficulties with creativity, vision, empathy and wisdom is our speciality.

As strategic advisors and also as insolvency professionals, we combine entrepreneur's perspective with legal expertise.

Our clients are spread across the globe. We serve them mostly without need for face-to-face meetings.

We help Indian business go global. We also assist global business to find its feet in India.

We help design global structures for international business operations.

We work in the field of international investment arbitration as well as international commercial arbitration.

We strive to be friend and guide for each of our clients - with trust, confidence and care.

Seeing our clients' business grow and prosper is our passion.

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